Arenaria - Hiraeth

Arenaria – Hiraeth

We’re not afraid to be introducing you to new names. Meet Aaron Miller, aka Arenaria.

‘Hiraeth’ is the very first official release from this talented American producer. The word in title (pronounced: ‘here-eyeth’) comes from the Welsh language and it’s not easy to translate it with one sentence. Try to imagine that you’re wandering around the world and can’t find a way home (which you may never find). Or you lost an important person in your life, without whom your home won’t be as happy. These are examples of feelings that could be defined by the word ‘hiraeth’ – a combination of homesickness, longing and nostalgia.

Well, there are things that are easier to explain with music and Aaron did it in a perfect way. Keep an eye on this emerging artist!

Catalog: VAS046
Release Date: May 1, 2017

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