Alex Rusin - Sparkles In Your Eyes

Alex Rusin – Sparkles In Your Eyes

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Poland for a great number of talented producers? Our 52nd release is from Polish producer Alex Rusin – the man behind 2 wonderful EPs on our label – ‘Inside My Head’ and ‘Tears & Dreams’. Today, he comes back with his new single ‘Sparkles in Your Eyes’.

Since the very first listen, you can feel an emotional charge hidden in the notes of the Original Mix. Creative lovely piano melody, strumming ballad-like guitar, and a deep progressive vibe are the reasons why we absolutely love this track. We are thrilled to be a home again to Alex’s next romantic tune.

This release also includes remixes. The first is prepared by producer Torsten Fassbender from Germany. This artist is best known for the Wellenrausch project, but also performing as Kymatik – his solo experimental alias. He turned Alex’s track into a variation of his unique sounds.

We’re also pleased to introduce Craig Townsend and Darran Shojaei, who are swelling our ranks as Dark Architects. They created not one, but two, versions of their remix – ‘Euphoric’ and ‘Progressive’. Both mixes are a darker interpretation of the original, with the latter focusing more on the vibe. Pick your favorite!

This is our biggest pack of the year so far, just in time for a proper start to summer.

Catalog: VAS052
Release Date: July 10, 2017

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