Danilo Ercole - Digital (EP)

Danilo Ercole – Digital (EP)

What’s on your mind when you’re thinking about Brazil?.. Samba? Rio de Janeiro? Copacabana Beach?.. If you’ll ask us this question, our answer will be simple – Danilo Ercole. Our favorite producer of tech-progressive trance is coming back to our label with a brand new EP.

In ‘Digital’, Danilo presents his more melodic side. Dynamic theme, kicks, percussions – all of these elements sound perfectly together and let the rhythm flow precisely like ones and zeros. It’s a track which will delight you from the first time you hear it.

‘Paper Plane’ shows Danilo’s experience and abilities in creating bigroom trance vibes. After an amazing euphoric melody in the breakdown, a climax brings us a strong twist. Mainstages of the world, prepare yourself!

Catalog: VAS053
Release Date: July 17, 2017

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