ALter Future - Surreal Autumn (EP)

Alter Future – Surreal Autumn (EP)

Do you feel the Autumn blues? Our 61st release can definitely help you with that!

Alter Future brings you ‘Surreal Autumn’ – turbulent, stormy, and dynamic, but still with a delightful melodic line. This track is like a swirling vortex – the breakdown is only the calm before the storm and the finale’s force is making sure the trees shed their foliage.

On the B-side you’ll find ‘Bright Lights’ – one more weapon for gloomy Autumn days. Alter Future is yet again showing his ability for writing amazing anthemic melodies. This one is full of joy and euphoria and is being supported by the strong thumping kick and driving bassline.

Alter Future is stronger than ever! Enjoy this treat and come to senses that it’s Autumn!

Catalog: VAS061
Release Date: October 30, 2017

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